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Curtis Media Group is in our sixth decade of serving the people of North Carolina. We are broadcasters, marketers and content creators.


Founded in 1968 by Don Curtis, Curtis Media Group began its adventure in broadcasting in Cherryville, NC with WCSL-AM. Over the years CMG has grown and developed into the largest single-shareholder radio broadcasting company in the country. CMG is currently home to 57 AM and FM radio signals across the state.

Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, CMG has first-hand experience of the exploding growth in the Triangle. With national recognition from Fortune, Forbes and numerous other publications, the Triangle continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in the United States.

CMG owns and operates 25 leading radio brands in communities across North Carolina stretching from the mountains to the coast. Over the past two years, the company has purchased an additional 32 FM translators which are designed to repeat and extend the coverage of owned and partner stations around the state.

CMG operates three networks providing diverse services to listeners across the state. The North Carolina News Network (NCN) provides news, sports and weather to more than 80 stations across the state. The Triangle Traffic Network (TTN) provides up to date traffic information to affiliates in the Triangle market. The Southern Farm Network provides agricultural information to affiliates across the state in support of North Carolina’s vast agricultural heritage.

The ACC Sports Journal, and associated website provide up to the minute recruiting, rumors and news relating all 15 ACC schools across nine states. The subscription service includes annual delivery of four, full color glossy magazines which are also sold on newsstands, a bi-weekly print publication delivered to subscribers via mail service, and premium content on In addition, the award winning David Glenn Show is provided to affiliates across the state with a strong focus on ACC football and basketball.

CMG Southern Sales provides national and regional sales representation to other like minded, independent radio operators. In a time of consolidated national radio representation, CMG Southern Sales gives independent broadcasters the opportunity to provide creative and focused solutions to national advertisers.

CMG is also proud to support our community. Following the example of Don and Barbara Curtis who serve on multiple boards for educational institutions and public service organizations, each one of CMG’s properties is very active in supporting and promoting the activities of various non-profit organizations.

In 2002, Curtis Media worked with UNC Children’s Hospital to create the N.C. Children’s Promise. The N.C. Children’s Promise began as a 20-hour radiothon to raise money for the hospital and over the years has grown into UNC Children’s development department. Raising money and awareness through the N.C. Children’s Promise continues to be a major focus for many of CMG’s brands.

Curtis Media Group is dedicated to providing our consumers with the best entertainment, news, weather, traffic and sports; to creating custom and effective campaigns for our advertisers; to bringing out the very best in our employees; and to serving our communities well.