Triangle Traffic Network

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The Triangle area continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in the United States, and with the growth comes commuter traffic problems. That's where the Triangle Traffic Network comes in. The network is Curtis Media Group's traffic reporting service, providing the area's most reliable rush hour traffic information to the audiences of several Triangle radio stations. It's the timely details commuters need to save time and trouble on their way to and from work.

Lucrative Advertising Opportunity

TTN Traffic Reports can be a lucrative advertising opportunity for businesses trying to reach working consumers.  Each week Triangle Traffic Network traffic reports are heard by more than 600,000 radio listeners throughout the total listening area, many of them actually driving as the information is updated.

Research consistently shows that traffic reports are among the most listened to programming elements on radio. Consumers pay attention to traffic reports and consumers pay attention to the message of the traffic report sponsors airing adjacent to the traffic details.

Traffic reports air during the most-listened to times in radio: morning and afternoon drive. More people are tuned-in to radio during these times than any other time of the day, offering advertisers incredible reach to a relatively captive audience.

Radio is one of the closest to point-of-purchase mass media advertising options available. In a time-impoverished society, reaching customers right before a buying decision can greatly enhance the results of an advertising campaign. No other medium gets closer than Radio! Radio reaches 63% of adults aged 25 to 54 within one hour of making their largest purchase of the day.

TTN offers network affordability. With prices for thirty and sixty second television and radio commercials constantly rising, traffic reports offer an affordable alternative to get your message to consumers. And with TTN exposure, you're reaching audiences of the leading stations in most key radio formats including news/talk, country, rock, oldies, and Hispanic broadcasting, all with a single network-wide commercial.

For more information on how the Triangle Traffic Network can help your business grow, please contact David Stuckey at 919-790-9392.