About Curtis Media Group

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The Curtis Media Group, through its wholly owned and affiliated companies, now operates North Carolina's largest network of stations. Over one million North Carolina citizens listen to one or more of the CMG stations each week.

Headed by Donald W. Curtis, the groups of companies include Carolina Media Group, Inc., Carolina Radio Group, Inc., Great American Media, Ltd. 1, Coastal Plains Media, Inc., New Age Communications, Ltd., Curtis Radio Group, Inc., and First State Communications, Inc.

The Company is based in Raleigh, North Carolina where the flagship stations of the first 25 years have been through a period of significant growth. The Company has purchased smaller stations, building them up, selling them, and buying into bigger markets.

Now the Company is buying stations in the top 100 markets, stations which the Company plans to keep for the long term.

More than just radio stations...

CMG is more than just a group of great radio stations...we operate the Southern Farm Network which provides farmers with up to the minute agricultural news on a network of stations in North and South Carolina. The Curtis Marketing Group provides national advertisers real world marketing solutions.

CMG Online offers unique advertising opportunities on our over 30 websites and audio streams.

Traffic has become a challenge and the Triangle Traffic Network provides information updates and advertising opportunities. CMG also has the largest radio news organization in the state providing news on the PTF News Network.

In the fall of 2004, State Government Radio was launched by Curtis Media Group to cover the news of State Government and the business of State Government in North Carolina and to deliver it to listeners who have a specific interest in the information. State Government Radio is delivered to listeners on the Internet via www.SGRToday.com. Programming for State Government Radio is divided into four concentration areas – Education, Governmental Affairs, City County Issues and a ‘Newsmakers’ issues forum hosted by Barlow Herget. StateGovernmentRadio.com is not just a web site; it's an online radio station.